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Robert Jubelirer: Candidate for Penn State Board of Trustees

We at SMSS in recognition of specific issues addressed by Robert Jubelirer concerning Joe Paterno's legacy, his agreement with Al Clemens statements, and his acceptance of Stephen Fink's recommendations have offered this space on our website. We agree with Bob and want to assist him in offering his case for election to the Penn State Board of Trustees. 
Dear SMSS Friends and Followers,
Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my platform as a candidate for the Penn State Board of Trustees. Your interest means a lot to me; I do not take your support lightly or for granted. YOU and other like-minded alums have been at the forefront of the fight to restore what is our beloved university’s real reputation as well as Coach Joe Paterno’s. I admire that you stand by the courage of your convictions in the face of often harsh circumstances and opposition. Nobody should minimize as merely symbolic the returning of JoePa’s statue to its rightful place – it can begin to heal the rift that has developed in PSU nation.

This is my second year running for the BoT. Last year was quite a learning experience. While I fared pretty well, I realized after that I had a lot more work to do in order to garner more support and earn an alumni-elected seat. Therefore, I have been working relentlessly to make a real difference in our fight through my relationships in Harrisburg with members of the state legislature and around the state at key hearings and at Trustees meetings. To date, I have garnered the support of 14 more state senators to support Senate Bill 1240 to begin reforming the Board of Trustees. And recently I’ve been working to get a public hearing for Governor Corbett’s BoT nominees, which is sorely needed especially in light of the nominees’ Second Mile ties.
Let’s talk about the Board. The Board should represent the best interests of the alumni, students and others. While some individual alumni-elected members have stepped up and deserve support, the “old guard” has been terrible except for one very notable exception: Al Clemens. He stepped up and I was very proud of my former classmate. It takes guts to admit you were wrong. His peers should follow! And they should also listen to Steven Fink who laid out best how the BoT not only should have proceeded in the past, but even now. The BoT, however, without due process dismissed Joe Paterno and through their acquiescence in accepting the NCAA sanctions without a thorough review of the Freeh Report, the Board failed us. Yet, I remain optimistic. Our university is strong. And serving in legislative leadership for so many years taught me the valuable skills of bringing people with differing positions together for results, and regrouping and forging ahead after suffering setbacks. That’s what I intend to do!
My top priorities (as a candidate and as a Penn Stater) are:
1. The Board needs to change its makeup and size. I support passage of PA Senate Bill 1240 and putting Trustees under the State Ethics Act.
2. To increase transparency, I support putting Penn State and all state-related universities under the Right to Know Act.
3. Stop wasting money on hiring outside consultants; instead use the money to reduce tuition for students.
4. PSU needs to better cultivate relationships in Harrisburg with the legislature and Administration.
5. PSU needs to better convey the remarkable academic and research attributes that make our university a renowned leader, and remind people what powerful economic engines ALL our campuses are
Thank you for this opportunity. If you are a PS4RS member and haven’t voted, I hope you will consider voting for me before Sunday! And I hope you will consider my candidacy in the election that begins next month.
For the glory, Bob

Bob with Anthony Lubrano on Joe Paterno's Legacy

Bob at the PS4RS Forum on Mar 6, 2014

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  1. FYI. Former state Senator Robert Jubelirer ran the Senate with Mike Long as his political operative in the Capitol Building. Later, Corbett allowed the senate a free ride as he indicted House members and staff during "Bonusgate" and "Computergate" prosecutions. Corbett's announced investigation of the Legislature by Fina is suspect, at best.