Sunday, March 2

On a Return to Active Participation

by Barry Bozeman

Following a full year of obsessive posting on the travesty of the Paterno/Penn State vilification and the failure of the PA State Government, the Penn State Board of Trustees and the Fact Freeh Fiction I finally hit the complete burnout stage at the end of 2012. I made a deal with myself and friends/family here in Knoxville to take a break I thought would be only a month or two but became a full year.

This was not because of any lack of faith or commitment to the cause this weblog represents. I am still completely convinced of the "rightness" and validity of the views that have been expressed on this site. The Second Mile Sandusky Scandal site was my creation starting in January of 2012 following 2 months of contributing to Black Shoe Diaries on the subject of the scandal. During the year it grew to over 1,000,000 visits and became one of the most read voices on the right side of the Penn State controversy. The FREEHdom Fighters grew into an effective and active group of defenders of Penn State and Joe Paterno against the outrageous failure of the Penn State Board of Trustees and the criminal duplicity of the Governor of PA and his hired hitman Louis Freeh. I am proud to have been part of that effort as an outsider with no ties to Penn State University.

The two things that I did right were to have enlisted Ray Blehar as a full partner in the effort as co-author and "owner" of the weblog in July 2012 and the formation of the FREEHdom Fighters. This is more their success than mine. As we have seen my absence was possible because of their efforts and I thank them for keeping the fire going and holding down the fort while I took a long break. I am particularly thankful for all others who have inquired about my well-being and helped keep things moving forward in my absence. This has truly become a group effort where many have taken ownership and made this thing "ours" instead of mine. That is what I always thought would be the best thing that could happen.

Ray Blehar has been amazing. His unique talent for analysis and clear illumination of a very complex situation has made this weblog the focal point and source for accurate information concerning this horrible chapter in the history of a fine institution. The people of Penn State have been abused and sorely misused by their own Board of Trustees under the control of a truly evil Governor and former FBI Director. These people deserve to be exposed and disgraced for their part in this travesty of justice and their failure to protect the children of Pennsylvania.

Over the next few weeks I intend to get back into reading everything and will soon be back to making some effort to write and provide content as I did in the past. I have missed the interaction with my Penn State friends and look forward to being part of the effort again. I hope to be around for the resolution of the cases against Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier and the light they shed on the situation along with Graham Spanier's case against the FREEH FICTION for defamation and the Paterno Case vs the NCAA.

One thing of which I am quite certain is that we have been right. We have helped to uncover a great many overlooked facts that vindicate Joe Paterno and others and repudiate the words and actions of the Board of Trustees including the Governor. We were once a small voice against a tide of misinformation and blame. Those people were wrong and I feel that we have been instrumental in helping to keep the hope alive that the truth would out. That was well worth the time, effort and stress involved but there is much to be done. I hope to be a part of that in some small way again.


  1. Nice to have you back. I thought that you went up Rocky Top looking for a moonshine still and didn't come down. I tried to look you up when I was in Oak Ridge last year. I expected to find an audio shop of sorts in the Tazewell strip mall. I did find Mario's pizza.

    1. Well Gregory - if you got to Marco's I was right across the street. Sorry I missed you.

  2. Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend . . .