Saturday, March 29

Friday Night (3/28) BAGWELL email dump on Twitter (#101-180)

Latest story line to emerge is that the Freeh group's "important" meetings with the Special Investigations Task Force appears to track with key communications and  filings by the OAG.   Urgent meetings held after Fina's letter to Baldwin on Grand Jury Subpoena Compliance (12/19) and after Perjury Particulars were filed (4/2).   I also threw in a tweet about Freeh covering up relationships between PSU and TSM Board Members.


  1. . EM#180 3/9/2012 Freeh says typical agenda for mtg. No pre-call needed. Nothing happening.
  2. . EM#177 Lanny's explanation of JVP firing expressing regret watered down


  3. . EM#175 Fed subpoena issued on 2/2/12 not made public until 2/24/12, which was a Friday.
  4. (2/2) BOT didn't mention TSM & US ATTY didn't know The Corp for PSU was a separate legal entity -- until later on ;-)
  5. . EM#173 Federal subpoena requests payment info between PSU and TSM (1/2)

  6. . EM#172 2/27/12 Lanny proposes developing a crisis mgmt plan
  7. . EM#170 As of 2/27/12, Freeh group has nothing "urgent" to report. OAG not yet working on perjury particulars???
  8. . EM#165 Lanny's agenda about the poor handling of JVP's firing & honoring Joe marked "Low" priority

  9. Money for increasing payouts/prizes at horses races.
  10. . EM#161 Corbett budget proposes shifting Ag Extension funds to "Racehorse Development Fund"

  11. On 2/2 Davis lied to about Baldwin's grand jury antics. Spin? What spin?
  12. . EM#159 On 2/2 Lanny Davis lays out game plan about Listening Tour, JVP, etc. Surprised he wasn't fired immediately.
  13. . EM#158 JVP statement "President Erickson asked that I advise that WE'VE DECIDED not to release the statement" Who is WE?
  14. . EM#151 BOT lied to NYT “We found out about it when the rest of the world found out about it” Dambly
  15. . EM#146 Andrew Cohen of the exposed his ignorance about child abuse investigations. So did everyone else
  16. . EM#145 Frazier and Tomalis reflect on the "retirement" of Baldwin.
  17. . EM#144 BOT invited Cindy to her "retirement" party "All voting trustees are invited...along with Cynthia Baldwin.."
  18. . EM#136 & 137: Contact info for Lanny make sure everyone can keep their lies straight after Baldwin "retires"
  19. . EM#114 Another meeting on strategic issues "moving forward" planned for January 16
  20. . EM#113 BOT lies about "retirement" of Paterno. Compare with termination ltr

  21. . EM#119 "Urgent Call" relates to Fina's 12/19 ltr to Baldwin about grand jury subpoena compliance
  22. . EM#117 is part of Corbett budget fight. TC accused Spanier of putting cuts on backs of students.

  23. . EM#113 four hours after sending to inner circle, Erickson given permission to sent NCAA response to the BOT sheeple
  24. . EM#112 Only "the inner circle" sees PSU's first response to the NCAA inquiry.

  25. . EM#103 Rod tells Ken and Ron that the B1G will participate in Freeh's "independent" investigation.
  26. . EM#102 PSU response to NCAA inquiry on wrestling violations concerning two volunteer coaches and other minor issues.

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