Wednesday, March 26

Highlights of Bagwell's Second 50 RTK e-mails from PSU (from Twitter)

Bagwell's Second 50 E-mail Highlights on Twitter, plus bonus RTK from Bill Cluck.  Double click on the embedded document to enlarge it.

  1. EM#95 Peetz explains away being a mean girl. Tells the commoners she will talk with them if needed
  2. EM#88 PSU paid $1.5M to whitewash DPW's failures and blame Sandusky's crime on "bystanders"

  1. EM#68 On Nov 23, 2011, Frazier tells the Gov he won't stand for election because he's a lightning rod
  2. EM#65 Joyner learns of wrestling violation and immediately puts experienced attorney on it.
  3. EM#61 Surma says Judge Freeh is..the right person to do this job.
  4. Surma and Garban attempt to say what CONFIDENTIALITY means (again) on Nov 20, 2011
  5. EM#53 In email, Frazier redefines "We Are Penn State" to "BOT members are Penn State"
  6. EM#51 On Nov 20, 2011 PR Firm Ketchum sees donating bowl money as media opportunity for BOT.
  7. From RTK Request. Tomalis/Gov keeping tabs on Lubrano...monitoring posts to BWI


  1. I find one common theme to all of this which is to be expected, Ron Tomalis was very much in the loop. So much so, he appears he was orchestrating Penn State's response (Good work on Meehan). You have to ask the question: why was the Sect. of Education so involved? Was it because he felt the Board was incapable of managing the situation or was it something else?

    So if it was because the Board was incapable of managing the problem, we need to get people on the Board who can manage a crisis; but, if it was for something else, we need to replace the people on the Board because they do no have Penn State's best interest foremost in their decision process.

    1. Tomalis was Corbett's representative on the SITF.

      Here's a quote from Corbett on or about Nov. 22, 2011, praising Frazier (after ditching Meehan) and talking about Tomalis' role on the SITF....

      I'm very pleased with Ken Frazier leading that. Ken – I've only known him a short time – but I'm very impressed with his leadership. I'm very impressed that he has put together some people, including Ron Tomalis, on behalf of the administration and also as [state] secretary of education, on that team, and the selection of Louis Freeh is I think a very good one.

  2. I think that "lieutenant" is a better word than "representative". Someone to provide the "muscle" to make sure things go as planned, and echo what the consequences will be if they don't. This is how a bully like Corbett operates.

    A conspiracy, or just a bunch of crooks doing what crooks do best? Frazier and Fina seem to have an objective evilness about them. The rest are either bullies or easily manipulated tools.