Wednesday, August 1

Dr Alycia A Chambers Psychological Evaluation

Since Dr. Chambers evaluation is in a PDF that is redacted and filled with lines and blackout's I am offering a fairly exact copy of the bulk of that report here on the website without comment at this time. This report is addressed to Detective Ronald Schreffler from Dr.Alycia Chambers Licensed Psychologist of State College

This is the part with her evaluation of Victim 6. 

The xxxx's refer to Victim 6 or his mother 

Victim 6's mother  reported that xxxx related generally having a good time and, at end, on his way out of the room added ‘We took a shower, just in case you're wondering why my hair's wet‘. Since his hair didn't seem very wet and she knows it is her son's pattern to add topics he finds upsetting at the end of a talk, she asked more about it while tucking him in. He was defensive immediately. saying 'l knew you'd make a big deal of it‘ but continuing to relay the evening's events. He reported that he was taken to what seemed like an empty building,  near the ice skating rink, and they lifted weights and did wrestling. Afterwards| Jerry told him they would shower “He said all the guys do.” ln the shower, he reported that Jerry played a game coming up behind him saying  he would squeeze his guts out’ and hugging him from behind XXXX wanted his mother not to say anything because Mr. Sandusky had promised to take him to the movies and to let him sit on the bench with him at  Penn State football games. Xxxx told his mother that he asked Mr. Sandusky if she could come with him to football events because she likes football and he said ‘no, just you”.

Mother had talked with a policeman's wife and had names of police to contact. l advised that she was not overreacting and that she should proceed with reporting it. l would meet with them at 3:00 that day.

At 3:00pm I met with xxxxx who appeared worried and eager to pick up on a previous  discussion we had. He seemed in conflict, wide-eyed and sitting right down to talk (usually xxxxx wanders around the office looking for things to play with while we decide what to do.) He reported worry that his mother may be making too much of what happened last night. He said he did not want Mr. Sandusky to be in trouble. Xxx reported he was feeling "like the luckiest kid in the world to get to sit on the sidelines at Penn State football‘. He was visibly anxious, repeating “I don’t think he meant anything by it’ alter confirming whet he had reported to‘ his mother. He said yes. they were alone in the building, and confirmed the shower incidents including squeezing from behind with both of them naked. He repeated the promises Mr. Sandusky  made including going to the movie and to the games with him. I asked about other behavior in the shower and he said he splashed him and played around. He was reluctant to talk about it, saying ‘He's married so I don't think he meant anything.

He admitted he didn't need to go through that again, but he was worried about what to do next. He said he could just refuse to shower next time. He didn’t want anyone to talk with Mr Sandusky, because then he might not invite him to the games.  We wondered about what Mr. Sandusky’s reaction would be if he was not ever alone with him again but xxx quickly said “No, then he might say, don’t you feel comfortable alone? Then he wondered if  BK could go with him. That BK was worried about risking the relationship by telling these things, but worried about the incidents also, was clear. He would say it was “sorta weird” but then deny anything was really wrong. Due to his discomfort and to respond to his stated interests in the session we moved on to discussion of ways of handling his feelings. We worked on anger feelings and he did some good release work on a chair with a tennis racquet, hitting it hard, repeatedly, and reporting that it felt good. We talked about getting a punching bag and physical therapy ball). I suggested bags of potting soil in a duffel bag and improvised other less expensive possibilities. At the end xxx asked me not to tell his mother this because she would be upset, but that after he finished lifting on some of the machines Mr. Sandusky kissed his head and said “I love you “.

My consultants agree that the incidents meet all of our definitions based on experience and education, of a likely pedophile’s pattern of building trust and gradual introduction of physical touching, within the context of a loving special relationship.

One colleague who has had contact with the Second Mile confirms that Mr Sandusky is reasonably intelligent and thus, could hardly have failed to understand the way the behavior would be interpreted, if known. His position at the Second Mile and his interest in abused boys would suggest that he was likely to have had knowledge with regard to child abuse and might even recognize this behavior as a typical pedophile overture.

On May 5th. L met with Ms xxxx who reports xxxx said to her ‘I know you did the right  thing, Mom, but my heart hurts - I'll bet he won't take me to football games anymore‘. '

Ms XXX reported to me that xxx reported that Mr. Sandusky also picked him up to lift him closer to the shower head to rinse his hair. He says “he doesn’t remember” when asked other  questions. She said the said that he also told he would get to go to Mr. Sanduskys house where he has a cool computer. He could sit on his lap and they would go “online”.

On May 7 Ms XXX reported that XXX has said that when he went into the shower there were four shower heads and he went to the furthest away from Mr. Sandusky but Mr Sandusky called him back to the one next to his by indicating that he had already turned it on for him. She reports that XXX is up often throughout the night and seems to be sleeping poorly. -

Dr. Alycia A. Chambers. PhD  PA Licensed Psychologist


  1. Interesting article on Thomas Harmon, Penn State Campus Police Chief.

    Harmon and Sandusky were neighbors.

    1. Not true. The decision to close the investigation was by DPW. Came down from Harrisburg. See my letter to RAINN.

    2. Reply to Ray - Yes, the decision more than likely came from Harrisburg, someone over Lauro`s head.

      But that does not rule out possible influence by Harmon.

      Harmon denied knowing of the Chambers report when multiple e-mails state that the Chambers report was attached to the initial report that schreffler had and that the Chambers report HAD been discussed at multiple levels...Child Line, CYS, DPW, DA office< Campus Police, Schultz, etc.