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PSU Board of Trustees - How to Impact the BOT Decision

Word is that the BOT did not vote today "Sunday Aug 12 on the motion to ratify Erickson's decision to accept the Freeh Fiction without review and in depth analysis. 

From a post on BWI attributed to "Lubrano" 

No Vote this evening due to a technical legal issue. Please refer to Joel Myers email Friday to the BOT regarding this issue. However, the call will still be held and we will hear from Gene Marsh, PSU counsel to the NCAA; Rod Erickson regarding the Consent Decree; Steve Dunham, PSU recently hired General Counsel, regarding Dr. Erickson's authority to sign the Consent Decree; Ken Frazier regarding the Freeh Report; Richard Edelman regarding Public Relations matters; and then the Trustees, in alphabetical order, can ask questions and/or make brief statements. I have no further information to share at this time.

This memo was sent out to all PS4RS Members:

We deemed it important enough to repeat yesterday’s special announcement.  There also has been an additional email included in the list below.

Here is the link for the live audio stream of today’s Board of Trustees meeting at 5:00 pm.
In addition, an audio file and transcription of the minutes will be posted at 
If you want to share your letters to the BoT in a public forum, please post your letter by commenting on the blog post below. Please note this is an external website. Everything posted here is viewable on the web and is indexed by search engines.

Letters posted here CAN be shared as the author gave permission by commenting.

PS4RS Members

There will be a public BoT meeting this Sunday, August 12 at 5pm via conference call. The foundation of this call is a historic decision for Penn State – the board can vote to table the decision on the NCAA consent Decree. A total of 15 votes (there are currently 30 voting members) is needed to table the vote which is the current preferred option. If the Board votes in favor of the NCAA decree, (16 votes) even though they were told this power lies with Dr. Erickson, the vote would drastically reduce the legal standing to move forward with the Appeal that Ryan McCombie filed this week.

The PS4RS Legal team has been hard at work reviewing the situation. The legal team had the following statement: There is nothing that we can do from a legal standpoint to stop the vote from happening on Sunday. This is their decision and no one can stop or influence it legally. The BoT does have the opportunity to table this vote and we encourage them to do so. 

Please note there are several trustees working to either table the decision regarding the sanctions at this time. Alumni Trustees Joel N. Meyers and Ryan McCombie have been very vocal and have each written letters to the board.

Joel N. Meyers
Alumni Trustee Joel N. Meyers recently wrote a very powerful letter to the Board of Trustees asking the board to consider a reversal of thought on the Consent Decree Imposed by the NCAA and signed on July 23, 2012. He outlines a number of reasons why the board should not ratify this decision.

Ryan J. McCombie
Alumni Trustee Ryan McCombie also wrote a second letter to the board. Ryan says “This Board should not become a part of this rush to judgment under the guise of attempting to put this matter behind us. So long as the full truth has yet to come out, and there has not been a fair and thorough adjudicative process, this institution will be unable to truly begin a healing process.”  Ryan also offers support for the letter Joel Meyers wrote.

Although we cannot prevent the vote legally, we can still write to every trustee and express our feelings on this very important issue.  Please reach out to your board members and voice your opinion on the unjust sanctions. Tell the board members why it is so important to you that the VOTE BE TABLED. Your letters are making a difference – please keep writing. Letters are recommended to be civil and not to be angry. If you have been a victim of recent harassment or violence for being a Penn Stater PLEASE share this with the board.

Based on correspondence with some Trustees this week – this is what we currently know about the positions that some Trustees have on ratifying the decision.

Trustees who inclined to REJECT Ratification: Current Count 7

Alvin H. Clemens, Appointed by the Governor
Donald Cotner, Agricultural Trustee
Stephanie Deviney, Alumni Trustee
Anthony Lubrano, Alumni Trustee
Ryan McCombie, Alumni Trustee
Joel Meyers, Alumni Trustee
Adam Taliaferro, Alumni Trustee

All other Trustees: Please target your message to these Trustees. Some of these Trustees are currenty on the fence. Continue to reinforce why this is so important to you and the Penn State community. Trustees Current Count 23
Karen Peetz, Board Chairman, Business & Industry Trustee
Keith Masser, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Agricultural Trustee
Paul Silvis, Elected by the Governor
John Surma, Business & Industry Trustee
Jim Broadhurst, Business & Industry Trustee
Tom Corbett, Member Ex-Officio
Mark Dambly, Elected by the Governor
Kenneth Frazier, Business & Industry Trustee
George D. Greig, Member Ex-Officio
Richard J. Allan, Member Ex-Officio
Thomas J. Tomalis, Member Ex-Officio
Peter A. Khoury, Appointed by the Governor
Marianne Alexander, Alumni Trustee
Jesse Arnelle, Alumni Trustee
Paul Suhey, Alumni Trustee
Keith Eckel, Agricultural Trustee
Samuel Hayes, Agricultural Trustee
Betsey Huber, Agricultural Trustee
Carl Shaffer, Agricultural Trustee
Edward Hintz, Business & Industry Trustee
Linda Strumpf, Business & Industry Trustee

PS4RS issued the following press release issued yesterday morning:


AUGUST 10, 2012 -- Nothing less than a complete and total rejection of the baseless NCAA consent decree will be acceptable when the Trustees meet to vote this Sunday. We view this call for a meeting as an acknowledgment that Rod Erickson did not indeed have authority to sign it. The trustees should not be driven by anything other than the fundamental necessity to discover the truth about Penn State's role in the Sandusky scandal. That can only happen with the appropriate due process and after the upcoming judicial trials. We demand that the Trustees refuse to ratify the illegal consent decree, declare it null and void, and table all sanction discussions with the NCAA until after the judicial trials. PS4RS encourages every single alumnus and friend of Penn State to email the individual Trustees to encourage them to vote against ratification of the NCAA consent decree.

Please share this email with other Alumni, Students, Friends and Supporters of Penn State

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