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PSU BOT - Corbett Clones & Cronies

from Freehdom Fighter and researcher Liz  ---- Thank you Liz 

Links between Surma & Peetz:  
Two of the top Corbett Clones and Cronies on the BOT 


Garban and Surma 

John P. Surma was elected to PSU board in 2007, and became Vice Chair of PSU board in 2010.
John Surma was on the board of Mellon Bank.  He announced his retirement from that board in February, 2012  John P. Surma current: CEO US Steel for 8 years. Total of 15 years with company. Total compensation for latest fiscal year: $6.4 million  Total compensation for last 5 years: $33.9 million.  
John P. Surma is ranked 195th out of 206th in Performance vs Pay for his industry according to the latest Forbes CEO Compensation analysis with 1 being the most efficient rank and 206 being the least efficient rank.

At the May 14, 2010 PSU Board meeting, Surma (relected) and Peetz are listed as being elected to Board representing Business & Industry Likely,  Surma got Peetz involved with PSU board. And then, in 1 ½ years, she is now the chairwomen of the board. 

Karne Peetz 

KAREN PEETZ Affiliations
  • Vice Chairman, CEO-Financial Markets at The Bank of NY Mellon.
  • Chairman, CEO-Financial Markets at BNY Mellon
  • Member of Financial Services Roundtable
  • Vice Chair, CEO-Financial Markets at the Bank of NY Mellon
  • On Board of SunCoke Energy, and
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, and
  • Private Export Funding Corp, and
  • Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association and 
  • Penn State University.

John Surma’s brother Vic is quoted in Centre Daily Times article from Nov. 2011 -   He lived “in a spare basement” of Sandusky’s when he went to Penn State.  An interesting comment from a student in this article “Dylan Johnson, 21, of Marietta, a Penn State senior journalism major, said he was surprised that John Surma, a man neither he nor any of his friends had ever seen or heard of, would have such a significant impact on their university. “I had no idea who he was,” Johnson said. “You’d think someone would know who these people (the trustees) are. I had never seen any of them on campus before.”

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