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This is the first post written in honor of SMSSS inclusion in the FRAMING JOE PATERNO website to celebrate our commitment to the cause of restoring the legacy and reputation of Joe Paterno.  

If you have not yet heard it Listen to JOHN ZIEGLER with KEVIN SLATEN last night 

The entire case against Joe Paterno involves 3 emails written by Tim Curley that mention “coach”. Two in 1998 and and one in 2001. (Freeh Exhibits 2A 2B and 5G andpage 74 Sec.F) And the idea, based on hearsay that this 75 year-old (2001) 85year-old (2011) football coach somehow “knew everything that went on at PSU and somehow controlled it”(page 51 Freeh Report)

Joe’s entire input on this situation is 1) one set of notes from a Jan 1998 meeting with Tim Curley and Jerry Sandusky (Exhibit 3D Freeh Report) in which he told Jerry that he would not be named the next Head Coach at PSU due to his devotion of time to his charity. 2) 5 pages of testimony to the Grand Jury written into the record at the Perjury Trial Preliminary hearing for Tim Curley and Gary Schultz,(Perjury Hearing Trnscript P 173 - 178) 3) an interview he gave to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post two weeks prior to his death as he was undergoing chemo and radiation treatment for cancer after the worst 2 months of his life. And 4) a statement he made saying “with the benefit ofhindsight, I wish I had done more.

Joe Paterno never had the opportunity to meet his accusers and defend himself and the university he loved in a court of law. So our mission is to take his defense to the people. 

The media seized on this well known elderly target and sold it’s narrative of a dictatorial football coach whose success and popularity created a culture that put the lucrative game above the welfare of children and the academics of the university. They failed to mention the astounding grade point averages and 85% graduation rate of hisplayers, his grand experiment of making his players excel at academics as well as athletics, and his Success With Honor always approach that set him up as one coach who did so much the “right” way.

The media would have you picture a power mad football fanatic who would protect a football program over the well being of disadvantaged kids instead of an honorable old school man who would rather build a library with his wife’s name that add luxury boxes or extra seats to a football stadium. The man who’s teams won over 400 football games did it with dedication and longevity – not by bending any rules and the academic achievements of his players and the highest graduation rate of 85%  in the BCS affiliated college game is all the proof required.

Since Joe is gone and cannot defend himself it is our purpose to do that for him and the thousands of fans, players, students and coaches he served for so long.  Like all mortals Joe was not a perfect man, like most who live and work long after retirement age – our human frailty catches up with us. Our minds age with our bodies and our memories become clouded – after all the older we become the more memories there are to keep track. But thank God most of us are never faced with being “required” to recall what might have been said in a 10 minute meeting early on a Saturday morning a DECADE in the past.

Joe had 30 years of experience with his long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky became the acclaimed Defensive Co-ordinator of Linebacker U. Joe never had reason to believe that his longtime assistant was a pedophile. Sandusky was the founder of a very popular charity founded to help under-privileged kids from broken or poverty laden homes. Sandusky was the foster father to 7 children himself, Sandusky was honored by Pres GHW Bush as a particularly bright star in his 1000 Points of Light. Sen Santorum honored Jerry on the floor of the US Senate. Jerry’s Kids in PA did not refer to Dean Martin’s former partner and fund raiser for MD. Jerry was a devout church going author and family man. He forfeited his chance to make millions as a head coach in order to support his charity. This “macho” DC with the heart of gold was “Saint Jerry”. His auto-biography Touched hit the bookstores in Jan of 2001 the month prior to the Feb 9 2001 incident when he and “victim” 2 were glanced at in the Lasch showers by Mike McQueary. Sandusky fooled almost everyone he ever met yet Joe Paterno is blamed for not noticing the "I am a pedophile" tattoo on Jerry's nose? 

If Joe Paterno was such an “all powerful” figure of God like status on a campus in a community so steeped in Nittany Lion Football culture in full control of his mental faculties in Feb of 2001 he could have simply told his former QB and State College native, Mike McQueary “Mike – forget you ever saw anything. You will become a paid assistant next year so don’t do anything to hurt the football program."  If “all powerful” Joe knew about the outcome of the 1998 investigation he would have no reason to hide it. His anwer to any question about 1998 would be easy. “Yes, I knew that Jerry was thoroughly investigated in 1998 and the agencies with the responsibility and expertise for protecting kids from pedophiles along with the DA  Gricar, and the State College and Universtiy Park police all concluded that Jerry’s showers with boys were not criminal. I also know that a CYS psychological counselor evaluated the situation and ruled that there were no pedophile tendencies." Why would Joe ever try to hide that? 

Still we have Sally Jenkins ofthe Washington Post claiming “Joe lied to me” because he said he did not recall the 1998 investigation 2 weeks before his death in 2012. Of course he was being treated for the cancer that would kill him, had just been fired and much maligned, and was trying to recall a situation 13 years in the past. Sally’s statements “He LIED to ME” makes me want to scream: HAVE YOU NO DECENCY!!

Joe did a tremendous amount of good for hundreds of young men who played on his teams. He did a world of good for Penn State University and the town of State College. That the people of State College or PSU could or would turn their backs on this fine man over the flimsey factFreeh fiction of the disgraced former FBI director urged on the spineless PSU BOT by the devious and self-serving Republican AG turned Governor – Tom Corbett – is enough to make my blood run cold. If 60 years of faithful service to a university and community can be turned upside down by 3 brief emails not even written by Joe and his muddled memory of a 10 minute meeting a decade in the past, then loyalty and support are not high on the list of attributes of the people who consistently benefited from the honorable and forthright service of Joseph V Paterno.

The author is not a resident of PA and has no ties with PSU or Joe Paterno. But even I can see the raw and horrible injustice done to a fine man and his family by people who should know better. The Penn State board of trustees and Governor Tom Corbett, the NCAA and Mr. Emmert, and Louis Freeh and Joe’s accusers are not worthy of the fine legacy of this American Icon. And the people of Penn State and State College and the State of Pennsylvania who fail to stand up and behind their fine benfactor are only worthy of contempt. They don’t deserve Joe Paterno and all of the good he did for PSU and the community. I wouldn’t trade Joe for 1000 Corbetts, Emmerts or members of the PSU Board of Trustees – I wouldn’t trust them with Joe’s legacy.

If you feel as we do here on Framing Joe please ask your friends to be a part of our effort to take the fight to Joe’s detractors and the men who have tarnished his legacy. On the basis of 3 mentions of "coach" in Tim Curley's emails and testimony before a grand jury 13 years after a 1998 investigation that concluded with no charges for Jerry Sandusky, the NCAA stripped Joe Paterno of 111 of his 409 victories from 1998 through 2011. Joe committed no criminal act. He reported Mike McQueary's concerns to his superiors as required by law. Yet the NCAA believes they have the right to take away what he earned? The NCAA has no honor or decency. They have joined with the forces of evil taking away a good man's good name. We intend to prove how utterly wrong they are and give Joe back what he should have never lost - his good name and 111 victories in the game he loved to coach. 

Want to help this effort to set the record straight? 
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  1. Mr. Bozeman,

    I too, have no ties to Penn State, other than through my boyfriend and his family. Until a few years ago, I didn't even know who Joe Paterno was or what he stood for.

    THANK YOU for writing exactly what I've been saying for months. When the NCAA's unprecedented sanctions were handed down, I also asked... 1) Did PSU break any intercollegiate rules? 2.) Did Erickson call a Board meeting to review this? If not, isn't that a failure of leadership on his part as well? 3.) How is an 85% percent graduation rate of athletes putting football above academics?

    I also think a full investigation needs to be launched (not by Freeh obviously) into Tom Corbett's role; Joseph Savitz's (his brother Fast Eddy Savitz has been connected to Jerry Sandusky) as well as other "government" officials that held office while Jerry roamed free. I am a PA resident and taxpayer and I know it's due time to hold our leaders responsible and accountable.

    Where would I even begin?

  2. Off topic but relevant new info.

    Second Mile Drops Internal Investigation.

    Lynne Abraham was supposed to have been hired to do this investigation. She was hired in late Nov. 2011.

    She is also, by very curious coincidence, the DA from Philadelphia that was working the Savitz pedo case in 1992.

    What did the Abraham investigation uncover so far at Second Mile ?
    How many of these dots ( Savitz and Second Mile ) will eventually be connected ?

  3. The whole thing has been one large conspiracy. I am glad someone is asking the tough questions.

  4. As far as I can ascertain, JoePa is guilty of only three things. First, he was far too loyal to individuals such as his QBs, fifth-year seniors, his family and his coaches. Second, he was far too stubborn and stayed way longer than he should have. Finally, like it or not, dementia was starting to take it's toll.

    McQueary and some of the other staff did him no favors by shielding him from "plain speak." And of course Joe not only didn't send emails--he probably never even read them.

    A guy like this is a sitting duck for a rapacious news media

  5. Conspiracy? No. One thing many have known for a long time is that all of you supporters of the Ped State culture need to be stopped. The NCAA did not go far enough with their punishment.

    I will relish watching the Purdue's and Indiana curb stomp PedState into the ground for the enxt five years (or longer). It appears that PedState was not holier than tough as their indignant and smug alumni would have you to believe. I am hoping that you idiots continue to fight the Freeh findings and really bring upon the full wrath of the NCAA when more crap hits the fan. This is not over PedState...not by a long shot.

    1. I will leave this petty diatribe up for a little while. It's always amusing to see some ass make a fool of himself online.

      You are right about one thing - this is a long way from being over and when the real truth comes out Freeh and the NCAA along with the BOT will be exposed for the incompetent expedient liars they are.

    2. LMAO.

      No comment on the article; don't want to incite Mr. Booze-man's "rightous" indignation.

      As a current Temple student, I can confidently say that a transfer to the Big East conference, as well as a major scandal at a once respected (again, LMAO!) institution and in-state rival, will make TU recruiting a whoooole lot easier.

      Thanks JoPa!

    3. To AnonyMouth who posted at 12:25 PM -

      To what culture are you referring to?! The culture of an institution that has academic excellence? Some of this countries top CEO, CFO's, and executives graduated from Penn State. To the football program? Where 85% of their athletes graduated and most with honors? To the Paternos' themselves where Sue Paterno tutored those teammates at her dining room table? To the community who were beneficiaries of the Paternos generousity including a library?

      This is from the NCAA website:

      Core Values

      The Association – through its member institutions, conferences and national office staff – shares a belief in and commitment to:

      • The collegiate model of athletics in which students participate as an avocation, balancing their academic, social and athletics experiences.

      • The highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship.

      • The pursuit of excellence in both academics and athletics.

      • The supporting role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the higher education mission and in enhancing the sense of community and strengthening the identity of member institutions.

      • An inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for student-athletes and career opportunities for coaches and administrators from diverse backgrounds.

      • Respect for institutional autonomy and philosophical differences.

      • Presidential leadership of intercollegiate athletics at the campus, conference and national levels.

      Did you read the Freeh report or did you just glance at the headlines without actually doing any independent research?? Where and when did Penn State become non-compliant with the NCAA rules and regulations? The NCAA completely overstepped their boundaries with the unwarranted and unjustified sanctions. They are punishing today's athletes who were in elementary school when this all started. You are one of the mindless mob attackers waving your torch.

      Pass your torch AnonyMouth, your 15 seconds of fame is over.


    4. Booze-man? Are you a normal example of Temple wit?

      Or is the wit you possess of superior quality at that fine institution like say Bill Cosby?
      What is the word for which I search? Sophomoric?

      Thank you for stopping by and gracing us with your uncommonly "rightous" spelling ability.

    5. My adoptive father is a Temple grad, and I grew up being (as my father become) a PSU supporter. This coward's poor attempt at sharp-wit "humor" does that fine university a great injustice. Every university has its bad apples - This guy, sadly, is Temple's bad apple, rotten to the core.

      If anything, his comments reflect nothing more than a desire to be "holier than thou" himself. It's very easy to feel better about yourself compared to a sick person like Jerry Sandusky - In the criminal culture, someone who brutally murders their own mother is still better than a child molester, after all. Same goes for us in the outside world. It gives people like this guy a soapbox they can stand on, not only to spout off the mindless, self-centered drivel that makes them feel better about themselves, but so they can also feel like they're "above" something that is obviously evil.

      And notice the only benefit he mentioned in his little diatribe - that recruiting will be "whoooole lot easier." What a hypocrite. The cornerstone of the story that railroaded Joe Paterno is a fictitious "football culture" dominating our proud institution. His assertion that recruiting will become easier only solidifies the fact that all he cares about is how many potential PSU players can now be picked off and recruited to improve his own school's football program. That sounds to me like the very culture that was cited as a reason for destroying JoePa's legacy.

      The kind of culture that I can say with great certainty does NOT exist in any form in the Penn State community.

      And as far as the "Ped State" moniker? Since when do the actions of one sick man define an entire university? A university well-known for producing leaders in industry, science, politics (well, except Santorum, he's a fluke) and many other fields is redefined by one terrible person? Hardly. Your assertion that our university is somehow full of pedophiles is both immature and sickening. 99.9999999999% of PSU students, faculty, administrators and members of the wider community are NOTHING like the 0.000000001% which Jerry Sandusky represents.

      Is it just me, or are all the anti-Paterno arguments being condensed into 3rd grade name-calling and smug indignation? And that kind of thing is coming from a student at a respected university like Temple? Perhaps we should call it "Simple University" based on your actions alone, hmm? No. Most people, regardless of university affiliation, wouldn't stoop to your level of immaturity, least of all a Temple grad like my father, or myself, not a PSU alumni, but a life-long PSU community member and supporter.

      Know this - We DO NOT defend, support, or condone the actions of Jerry Sandusky. We're just as sickened as you are - and it hurts double because this man did this in OUR house. What we do defend and support, however, is the truth behind the life and legacy of Joe Paterno. And until we die, we will remain Penn State Proud and even more proud of his contributions to PSU and our community. We will defend him to our last breath, because we know the man Joe was, not the man ESPN and the media painted him to be. WE ARE PENN STATE!

      You're just a moron who happens to go to Temple.

  6. Barry and Ray, please keep up the good work! Thanks for calling out the previous post, as it does expose the dregs of society. I've had similar hate filled rants directed at me on twitter because I live in the SC "community". One step at a time. Calm heads WILL prevail.

    1. Thank you - please help whenever you can find a little time



  7. I have my doubts about whether a site called "Framing Paterno" is not going to be perceived as over-zealous and a tad too strident and dogmatic. It's already such an uphill battle for those who are trying to save Paterno's legacy that a site with that name I'm afraid will only further marginalize them and make their effort harder. The problem is that it hints too strongly at a grand conspiracy (maybe that's the point) and that "c" word can always be used as an easy strawman. Why not "Scapegoating Paterno" as a name?

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