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Freeh Cover-Up Exposed: Joe Paterno is no Louis Freeh.

by John Hudock - retired federal investigator and Freehdom Fighter. 

The Sad Case of Fredrick Whitehurst  - vilified by Louis Freeh and finally vindicated, Whitehurst blew the whistle on the FBI lab and Freeh tried to cover it up - Maybe that's why Freeh is so quick to believe there was some cover up at Penn State because that is what he would have done. But Joe Paterno is no Louis Freeh. editor

This is a some very interesting research on Freeh.  It requires a lot of reading from the attached links; however, it is insightful regarding Freeh.  You must also watch the videos in one of the links to really get a full understanding into the importance of what FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Frederic Whitehurst's plight, and eventual vindication.
I am submitting this information for your consideration concerning information that has the potential to alter the perception of the Freeh Investigation, and Mr. Freeh

A recent statement by FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Dr. Frederic Whitehurst:
“.....He (Freeh) did everything in his power to cover them up,” referring to the many mistakes made by FBI forensic specialists in their analyses, particularly their analyses of hair. The protocol used in the analysis was found to be seriously flawed and unprofessionally applied. The outcome was that many were convicted and sentenced to long imprisonments on the strength of unreliable testing............Whitehurst charged that, 'In light of the most recent revelations about FBI lab failures requiring 10,000 more cases to be reviewed we should read of this pot (Freeh) calling the pan black.'..............'While I was reporting issues at the FBI crime lab, FBI Director Louis Freeh was doing every thing he could to shut me down including coming at me with proposed criminal charges, referrals for fitness for duty (psych evals), destroying my career, moving me around the lab like a rag doll, ruining my wife's career. This man has no conscience and he is accusing Penn State managers of not taking any steps. He ought to be ashamed. Before the lab scandal is over you will find that Freeh was right in the middle of it. He did EXACTLY what the Penn State folks did.'........."

Penn State / Louis Freeh (Part III)

By William Fisher
(Please go to the Archive, July 17th, PSU/ Louis Freeh III )  William Fisher managed economic development programs for the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development in the Middle East, Latin America and elsewhere for more than 30 years.  He served in the international affairs area of the administration of President John F. Kennedy.

"A Lone Voice Crying for Justice"
Former FBI SSA Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, who is he, one may ask:
"........Prior to joining the FBI, he volunteered for three active combat tours with the Army during the Vietnam War. He received a number of military honors while serving in Vietnam, including four Bronze Stars and the Army commendation medal. He was also offered, but declined to accept, a Purple Heart. His war record was summarized by his commanding officers in his official military performance rating................After his honorable discharge from the military, Dr. Whitehurst obtained a B.S. degree in Chemistry in 1974 from East Carolina University and in 1980 received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University Graduate School. He then performed post-doctoral research in chemistry at Texas A&M University from 1980 to 1982......"
(Taken from statement by Dr. Whitehurst's lawyer, Stephen M. Kohn, Chairman, National Whistleblower Center and Private Attorney for Dr. Frederic Whitehurst; 3233 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.20007, (202) 342-6980,  Dated: May 12,1997 in front of the U.S. U.S. House of Representatives Committee on theJudiciary, Subcommittee on Crime about : SSA Dr. Frederic Whitehurst)

**** Interesting to note (from above link, and speaking about Dr. Whitehurst):  ".....In addition to his army commendations, at the age of 17 he was awarded the Navy-Marine Corps Medal for Heroism for risking his life to save a person drowning in a frozen lake. It is our understanding that at the time of the award he was the youngest person ever to obtain this honor. Exhibit 2 (newspaper article appearing in the January 17, 1965 edition of The Virginian-Pilot)........."Reference the below list link for additional biographical information on Dr. Whitehurst

Not only did Dr. Whitehurst save a life, early in his life, but he preserved two wartime diaries of a female Viet Cong doctor which led to a series of some amazing events (Please also listen to the audio embedded within an article published by the Stanford School of Medicine):

Excerpts from a Vietnamese doctor's wartime diaries

The following information was published by The National Whistleblowers Legal Defense & Education Fund (On their Blog, July 11,2012):
"Readers of The Washington Post found out this morning that the FBI and DOJ are launching the largest post-conviction case review in American history.  ................Readers of the Whistleblower Protection Blog know that this review should have begun twenty years ago when Dr. Frederic Whitehurst first exposed problems in the FBI crime lab......"
In another posting entitled, "Another Hidden Victim Freed In FBI Scandal" (Dec 28, 2009)
"A D.C. Superior Court judge recently released Donald E. Gates, who spent 28 years in prison for a murder and rape he did not commit.  The court also expunged Mr. Gates' conviction after it was determined that the government's expert, FBI crime lab examiner Michael P. Malone, lied about the hair and fibers evidence that Malone claimed linked Gates to the rape and murder................Not reported in the Washington Post or other media coverage of the Gates case, is the role of Dr. Frederic Whitehurst in uncovering the misconduct of Malone. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Whitehurst blew the whistle on Malone for lying under oath to help remove Judge Alcee Hastings from the federal bench. In 1997, the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General confirmed Dr. Whitehurst's allegations that Malone lied under oath and the IG raised questions about the work of a dozen other FBI lab examiners who Whitehurst also reported to the IG for misconduct......."

 (You need to scrolldown to the aforementioned posting from this link)
Also please watch the ABC news videos in the link below about what Dr. Fredric Whitehurst was able to accomplish:
"CBS News recorded this piece just after the Justice Department Inspector General validated Dr. Whitehurst’s concerns of Crime Lab misconduct. The Inspector General report could have settled the issue, but the problems that Dr.Whitehurst reported, starting with his first whistleblower disclosures over 20years ago, unfolded into the deep, drawn-out tragedy described in today’s Washington Post.........(Note that Dr. Whitehurst was paid $1.6 million by the FBI to shut up and go away).....I’ll leave you with this powerful clip from PrimetimeLive, recorded in 1995. This is fourteen minutes well spent......"(Note in video Dr. Whitehurst receiving an award from theUnited States Attorney's Office in the presence of former Director Freeh forhis work in the First World Trade Center Bombing, and then Dr. Whitehurst's "sagaof torture for whistleblowing" begins until partial vindication in 1998)
Please read this posting as well from the Washington Post 
I do believe that it is only a matter of time before Mr. Freeh's role in this FBI Lab scandal is fully revealed.  One would think that the Freeh PSU Investigation will be revealed in a different light.

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  1. Please blog my whole article about a whistleblower that has leaked correspondence and written a letter to Congress about the FBI boss in Greensboro, NC resident office has ignored federal crimes committed by corrupt judicial employees. Actual perjury, obstruction of justice by cover up or destruction of prosecution records and sweeping a perjury case under the rug since the perjury was conducted by a witness of the US Attorney in a criminal case that they maliciously prosecuted in bad faith. This isn't the only case the FBI has ignored. They also ignored a case reported by U.S. Congressman Mark Walker (R-NC) regarding Phil Berger Junior. accused of campaign money laundering. The FBI in Greensboro is refusing to investigate cases of public corruption. If anybody in Government or campaign offices may be engaging in criminal behavior, tjhe FBI boss in Greensboro will likely say all of them are "merit-less". So any proof of a witness saying multiple false statements in federal court is "merit-less" in a Greensboro FBI case?

    A whistleblower has revealed corruption of the FBI boss at the Greensboro, North Carolina, FBI office at 1801 Stanley Road.

    He has revealed that the duty agent was already set to have the leaker come down to the FBI to give a statement in regards to his federal criminal complaint against a Assistant US Attorney witness that has committed perjury in order to wrongfully punish that witness and interfere with his ability to timely file his actual innocence claim for his 2255 motion. "LEAK: Docs regarding Greensboro, NC FBI shut down of perjury case, Wikileaks letter"

    Cover up and destruction of some of prosecution files as admitted by Cheryl Sloan, intimidation and gag order request by corrupt Asst. US Attorney Anand P. Ramaswamy. They are trying to gag order and seal all records proving that the Government's criminal case was absolute BS (yes Bull you-know-what) and was meant to taken down an journalist that was featured in a New York Times article before he was wrongfully railroaded on a crime that he didn't commit. So he leaked all documents through his mother to my blog. The FBI ain't too happy about that so they may come after him for what he did. We need all whistleblower support blogs to cover this issue. Please!