Saturday, August 25

Our Lucre Be Freeh

One More Reason to Forget the Freeh Fiction -

Louis Freeh may believe in rewarding corporate thieves and swindlers and do his best to cover up their misdeeds. Maybe that's why Freeh's Fiction promoted a cover up conspiracy at Penn State. That's what Louis Freeh would have done. But Louis Freeh is no Joe Paterno

Why did Gov Tom Corbett push to have his cronies on the PSU BOT choose Louis Freeh for a 6.5 million dollar work of pure fiction? Tom and Louis are best buds from a long way back.

So add this to Louis Freeh's great work not finding Robert Hanssen for 8 years, Not stopping 9/11 when his agents informed him of the Minnesota Flight training, publicly blaming Richard Jewel for the Atlanta Olympic pipe bomb, vilifying FBI whistleblower Fredrick Whitehurst, and promoting a vicious malicious fiction against PSU and Joe Paterno for Gov Tom Corbett.

Provided by Freehdom Fighter John Hudock for your enjoyment and illumination.

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