Sunday, August 26

Joel Meyer PSU BoT Member Tells the Truth


Every PSU Alumni and Student should view this video and join our efforts to expose the BOT and the NCAA - Take Back your University    JOIN OUR EFFORT

The Corbett Contingent on the Board of Trustees? Suffering from battered wife syndrome? Stockholm Syndrome? NCAA punishment masochism?

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  1. "Board of trustees Chairwoman Karen Peetz said Saturday that Penn State’s response to the Louis Freeh report will include “establishing more central control over both the human resources and the compliance functions throughout the university.”

    Is Karen Peetz for real, does she not get it.
    This site has taken the Freeh report apart limb by limb to show the errors and misleading statements developed by Freeh to make a claim by a reasonable conclusion there was a cover up.

    The BOT paid over $6 Million + for this peace of garbage and in spite of the revelations of the report being dishonest continue accept it as fact.

    Time for a large number of members to resign before the do any more damage to this fine University.