Monday, August 13

Witness: I saw Sandusky and PSU Booster Abuse Boys on Private Plane

By David Perel - Executive Vice President/ Managing Editor Radar

A witness interviewed by federal authorities in the widening Penn State investigation claims he saw Jerry Sandusky and one of the school's prominent boosters sexually abusing boys on a private plane, is reporting exclusively.The witness was interviewed by the U.S. Postal Inspectors with the FBI present. broke the news that a new investigation into a pedophile ring is now being conducted by federal authorities.
And while Postal Inspectors are also trying to determine if Sandusky shared pornography through the mail and sent seductive letters to his victims, the biggest bombshell is the allegation leveled by the witness who was interviewed within the past few weeks.
That man, who has a strong tie to the booster he is accusing, says that Sandusky and the booster abused two boys on a private plane in Pennsylvania, a source close to the situation tells exclusively.
This story is gaining increasing attention in the Media and we are waiting for some confirmation of the identity of this booster from one of our contributors and investigators.  


  1. When Mark Madden started this (or maybe he didn't start it, but he seems to have been the most loud) what, last April? it wasn't Penn State donors, but Second Mile donors that he mentioned back then, though I seem to remember somebody saying that the football team was the beneficiary of the "pimping out" of second mile kids (ya know, those media people are sick!).

    Of course, since there's a huge cross pollination between Penn State and Second Mile, there's a likelihood that rich folks might donate to both... meaning, yet once again, PSU may very well be caught in a scandal that is really more Second Mile than their own.

    Meanwhile, why is this coming around again? Is there really forward momentum on the investigation (Postal service?), or did Radaronline publish for notoriety and a slow newsday pump the signal?

  2. Another report has provided a framework for the Penn State football-TSM connection (see below):

    "Wider pedophile ring" at Penn State points to explosive connections

    Monday, August 13, 2012 by: Jon Rappoport

    "(NaturalNews) How high does the corruption go? Was Jerry Sandusky the only pedophile at Penn State? Federal investigators are now looking into an unnamed prominent Penn State booster who may have been molesting young boys."

    "This would go a long way toward explaining why University officials covered up Sandusky's crimes at Penn State for many years. He wasn't the only one who need protecting."

    "Sandusky used his charity, Second Mile, to bring children into his orbit. It may now emerge that the storied football program at Penn State was itself a screen, a cover behind which boosters of the program were committing crimes against children."

    "A University shielding multiple pedophiles from prosecution? Yes, because they were connected to one of the most important institutions in Pennsylvania, Penn State football."

    "And if that is so, no doubt certain pedophiles became active football boosters at the University for the express purpose of attaining elite privilege above the law, just as pedophiles have entered the priesthood to exceed the reach of civil authority."

    The balance of the article may be found at :"

    Was Joe a sheep among wolves? Many of us suspected that Joe was being scapegoated by rich and powerful figures with something to hide. I'm hoping that these figures are not members of the Penn State football family, but if they are, let the chips fall where they may. I want the truth.