Wednesday, August 29

How Does this PSU BOT want to be Remembered?

A Freehdom Fighter emails the Board of Trustees 

Subject line:  Do You Really want to be remembered as the BOT that...Please  Read

Do you really want to be remembered as the BOT who allowed the LIE and Falsehood that PSU should be known as Pedophile State U and the University that let a Pedophile roam free for 14 years for the next 50 years or so?  These are 2 of the biggest LIES and Falsehoods there are.

I can’t believe Business People of such standing would even consider letting these LIES and FALSEHOODS survive.  And they will for well over 50 years.  Is that what you want to be remembered by?  The BOT that allowed PSU to be falsely tarnished for decades to come.  REALLY?

And don’t think some writer is not going to write a book about all of you if you “Move On” and they will expose whatever it is you are scared of being exposed by “Appealing these Sanctions” and not Refuting the Freeh report.  This is too much of an issue and is so juicy someone will write a book about it, rest assured.  So do you want the truth to be in that book and which  you can control by appealing the sanctions or the things the author will dig up after you “Move On”? Remember if you appeal the sanctions and refute the Freeh report you control the conversation.

SMU still has the stigma from their transgressions from over 30 years ago.  And you want to move on and let these lies and false hoods to live on for PSU for 50 or so years? REALLY?  And you say you Love PSU.  Don’t even say that because it can’t be true if you “Move On”.  

IF these lies and falsehoods were directed at:

MERCK.  Would you move on and let these lies and falsehoods survive Mr. Frazier?  Really, what would your stockholders say?  You know that answer.

US STEEL.  Would you move on and let these lies and falsehoods survive Mr. Surma? Really, what would your stockholders say?  You know that answer.

BNY Mellon.  Would you move on and let these lies and falsehoods survive Ms. Peetz?  Really, what would your stockholders say?  You know that answer.

We as Nittany nation are going to find out what kind of Character the 3 of you have.  I have shared this across the internet and it will be posted in a lot of places on facebook and such.  So we are going to get the answer about your ethics and morals soon by your very actions.  And if you continue on this path expect a book expose and a tremendous amount of grief. 


We will all be watching.

First Email
What I sent to the BOT this morning  I got a lot of "Read Receipts" back.  I don't know if it makes a difference but I think if they are actually reading these it might make some of them think a little.

Years from now you will be in a position to proudly announce the following;

“Yes, I am a proud former member of the 2012 PSU BOT.  Because of my efforts Penn State will be forever known as Pedophile State U.  Oh, it gives me the shivers knowing this is what my DO NOTHING stance has achieved.  I think my work may actually outdo SMU and their reputation for a Death Penalty, corruption and cheating.  After all Child Abuse trumps SMU.  Isn’t it interesting that SMU is still known for their transgressions from over 25 years ago?  Just think, because of me and my efforts Pedophile State U. may be known to everyone for 50 years or more as if it happened yesterday.  Years from now it will be mentioned in stories.  I did do such a wonderful job, didn’t I?  What I am most proud to say though is we accomplished this proud legacy because we ignored the fact the public and NCAA used a bogus report that we were happy to accept as truth as a basis for that.  You see we could have reversed this really easily because the Bogus Report would never hold up in any court and we were sent the truth by a heck of a lot of people.  But we lacked the will to do the right thing.  But hey, we accused everyone else for not doing the right thing based a bogus report why should we do the right thing?    You see when you have BOT members that are scared to expose their involvement with 2nd Mile we had to move on.  We wouldn’t want that seedy relationship to be exposed.  Even though the rules for governance said we weren’t supposed to put our “Self-Interest” above the university, well you know, that’s for the little people and small University’s.  We felt because of some BOT members positions in life we could ignore that ethical issue since these members don’t have any morals or ethics.”

“But get this.  We hired an idiot PR guy who said we could do Billboards and Feel Good Interviews to overcome all the bad publicity we as a BOT allowed to happen.  Isn’t that a scream?  Like the truth wouldn’t do more to restore our image.  But hey when you have done unethical and immoral things as a BOT member you have to use a squirt gun to put out a raging inferno.”

“Well enough of my good deeds.  We can talk about this anytime because this false narrative will survive me.  But I want you to know I’m so proud that through my efforts Penn State is now known as Pedophile State U. and every student for generations to come will live the lasting legacy I have left for them.  My most revered accomplishment.”

Say it with pride!!

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