Thursday, August 9

Eileen Morgan's Critical Analysis of Freeh

After a very informative and productive discussion with Eileen Morgan of the Eileen Morgan Foundation today we received permission to provide a link to her excellent:

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Eileen Morgan and Rex

Eileen is a 1990 graduate of Penn State living in the Washington DC area. She is a Cancer survivor who has turned her experience into a Foundation supported by several Penn State football greats who compete in the Eileen Morgan Golf Tournament to raise money for her worthy cause. Please read Eileen's great analysis and if you can offer your support for her foundation. _ Barry Bozeman 


  1. I agree with your analysis 100%. Something else that bothers me is in exhibit 2B, there is an email in the thread that is out of sequence. How can Harmon on 5/13 include an email from Curley that is dated the next day?

  2. It is an altered e-mail. Someone on Freeh's team altered it to disclose information that Freeh was trying to conceal about the DPW 1998 investigation. It is a clip and paste into the thread.

    See 2C for the actual chain of e-mail.

    If you look at the only other e-mail originating with Harmon, the only addressee is Schultz. Harmon does not communicate directly with Curley.

  3. It's little surprise you got your degree from PSU.

    The red herrings of "who wasn't interviewed" by Freeh are hilarious - everyone on that list is either dead, unable to speak due to pending appeals/charges, or unable to disclose privileged or confidential information. Freeh didn't have subpoena power. Moreover, even if PSU's former leadership (or ol' JoePa himself) did speak, they'd have no credibility because of their incentive to say only self-serving things. See JoePa's final interview to the WaPo.

    Freeh did the responsible thing and let the e-mails speak for themselves. The e-mails show that it's far more likely than not, that JoePa put the kibosh on revealing the 2001 incident to authorities. Who knows why he did it - maybe he couldn't stomach seeing an old friend's life ruined in public humiliation...maybe he knew that it would bring his career to an end and the football program down into a lot of mud...maybe he just personally didn't believe McQueary. Maybe some combination.

    But what we know is that the primacy of PSU football was so ingrained into everyone that McQueary had to ask his dad if it was okay to set events into motion that could bring down the house of cards. We know that the administrators spoke as if JoePa had the last word...and then acted in a way that lets you more than reasonably infer what JoePa gave as the last word.

    They almost got away with it. But not quite.

    I'm not sure whether to be sad or amused by this website, so I guess I'll be both. I will enjoy seeing your efforts amount to nothing more than your further removal from civil, reasonable, thinking society...and your football team collapse to total irrelevance within Pennsylvania as Pitt, Temple, and Villanova all field better teams, let alone the nation.

    And when all the gnashing of teeth and Freeh Stooges t-shirts, and rallies, and blogs, accomplish nothing but earning more score on Penn State while making your association toxic to the good people there who are willing to do what's necessary to move on...please, please bottle your tears. I'll enjoy those more than a 1997 bottle of California Cabernet.

    1. The overwhelming ignorance displayed by this parroting of the media narrative is so pathetic it barely deserves rebuttal. This isn't a place for football smack talk by clueless fan boys. We do serious analytical work on the Freeh report using the actual content and exhibits and the other available evidence.
      Your undocumented opinions about the "Primacy of Football"
      or your measure of "credibility" have no place in any intelligent discussion. It's just clueless bullshit.
      accomplish nothing but earning more score on Penn State
      Does that actually mean something?
      We are reaching 5000 people a day with our 2 man attack on the factFreeh fiction while assembling a decent group of dedicated partners and our efforts are supporting a comprehensive attack that is bearing fruit. As the McCombie, Paterno and Perjury matters hit the courts and the media interest that will follow you will see a seismic shift in pubic opinion as people come to realize how badly they were fooled by AG Kelly's reckless fabrications in the Presentment and her slanderous press conference. When this investigation of prosecutorial misconduct goes federal in 6 months we will have our reward for perseverance. And you? You will still be jabbering smack on some sports blog like a smacked out Junkie who just loves the sound of his own hands typing. It's all about purpose and substance and it makes all the difference when your "talk" has nothing to walk. Now go find a sports blog and flap your keyboard at some other fanboy since that seems to be what gets you off.

    2. go get'm Barry! you rock :)

    3. The e-mails hardly speak for themselves. Freeh would be laughed out of court if he tried to use them as evidence of a cover-up involving Paterno or that Paterno was the only intervening factor in 2001.

      You are simply following the herd who bought into Freeh's nonsense. This same herd mentality bought the Dan Rather National Guard document for a couple weeks. Freeh's shelf life has been a little longer -- but it's not going to be much longer.

    4. 6 Months will be too soon for you to display your ignorance and vitriol here. "Lung cancer is a bitch. But I really wish we could've lived to see old feeble Joe on trial. He deserved worse."
      This kind of pathological hatred is rare. Worse than death by lung cancer and destruction of his 60 year legacy? You really are some kind of insane asshole.

      If you could offer some kind of sane rebuttal of Eileen's intelligent analysis I guess you would but instead we are forced to suffer this kind of insane hate speech from an ignorant scumbag. We will not tolerate it much longer but as an example of the moronic opposition to the truth that seems to thrive out there in the Media informed world I will let this stand as a monument to your sick stupidity and insane hate. Good Job - you have made a fine example of yourself for some unknown purpose since you will not find any support for your stupidity among our fans and readers.

    5. From 2001-2006, Freeh was general counsel of MBNA bank as well as sat on their Board of Directors. MBNA was at that time, a major corporate sponsor of the Second Mile. In addition, a high-level executive of MBNA sat on the Board of Directors at Second Mile.

      In 2007, Mr. Freeh founded Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP, a Washington, D.C.

      In 2011, it was the Penn State Board of Trustees (BoT) that hired the law firm of Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan (FSS).

      FSS subcontracted a portion of the investigation to Pepper Hamilton LLP.

      A press release from August 2012 reads " Pepper Hamilton LLP, Philadelphia, says it is adding former FBI boss Louis J. Freeh's law firm, Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP, and its investigative affiliate Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC. Financial terms not disclosed."

      Louis J. Freeh is now a partner and chair of the Executive Committee of Pepper Hamilton LLP.

      Pepper Hamilton has also served as legal counsel to Merck and the CEO of Merck also happens to be a member of the Penn State BoT.

      Freeh had the ethical duty to disclosure these potential conflicts of interests and didn't.

    6. I can't believe you took a shot at the author in the first line of your post and then proceeded to claim that Freeh merely let the e-mails speak for themselves. Freeh went out of his way to not only interpret the meaning, but even who unnamed people mentioned in e-mail refer to. He did the EXACT OPPOSITE of letting them speak for themselves. Where did you get your degree?

  4. I agree with your analysis with one exception... I don't quite agree on the handwriting being from two different sources.

    I'm not a handwriting expert, but I do see consistencies in:

    1. The word "the" in both notes.
    2. The captial S's on Second Mile in the first note and the initials JS in the second note.
    3. The capital M's on Mile in the first note and the initials TMC and "meeting" in the second note.
    4. The double ll's while you say are loopy, I find the same.

    However, in all honesty, and after reading through the Freeh report several times, I thought Curly wrote one note and Schultz the other.

  5. My comment is speculative, but not one that is completely baseless, I believe. But just as the Freeh Report concludes that the “cover up” was meant in great part to avoid bad publicity, so too could the Second Mile’s actions, but their objective was not to avoid bad publicity, but much worse: to shield themselves early on from potential lawsuits. I mean, they knew how involved and enmeshed Sandusky was with 2M and PSU and after reading Alysia Chambers’ report, they probably thought, “Holy s**t, we can’t let THAT get out.” So, against Arnold’s express orders, Schreffler brought in Seasock, a counselor with CYS, for whom a conflict of interest had already been identified. And, as you note, who identifies Seasock as the appropriate professional to provide a “second opinion”?

    I think it is only a matter of time before the 2M is brought under a microscope. There is something crawling under THAT rock.

  6. Penn State and Second Mile share common control. Penn State and Second Mile are joined at the hip.

    As the Chronicle of Philanthropy has reported:

    "In 2011, about 75 percent of the Second Mile’s board members were Penn State alumni, including Wendell Courtney, the outside legal counsel for Penn State from 1980 to 2010 and legal counsel for the Second Mile from 2008 to 2011."

    and as the Centre Daily Times has reported :

    "Of the 35 people who served as members of The Second Mile’s state board in 2010, 25 studied at Penn State. Two serve as leaders of the university’s “For the Future” fundraising campaign. One is a member of the family whose name is on Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College."

    Freeh lifted the Penn State rock; now someone should lift the Second Mile rock.

    1. Penn State and TSM do NOT have common control. To have common control, the BOARDS of Penn State and TSM would have to have members in common. Unless the Penn State alumni on TSM's board were also members of the Penn State board, there could be no common control.

  7. This is the most complete and accurate report of all the facts I have read so far . Eileen Morgan deserves outstanding recognition on every front page newspaper