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FactFreeh Fiction & Jerry Lauro - World's Worst Investigator or Liar?

Again we discover more factFreeh fiction in the report that sentenced PSU to NCAA destruction and Joe Paterno to an unfairly maligned legacy. If the TRUTH has any importance in your thinking and you understand that is doesn't help the Sandusky victims to blame the wrong people you need to read and understand this simple and evident revelation of the FACTS and the sad case of Jerry Lauro.
Jerry Lauro was the PA Dept of Public Welfare (DPW) investigator dispatched from Harrisburg to follow up on a phoned in complaint and report of child sexual abuse filed by Dr. Alycia Chambers - a licensed State College, Pa psychologist.  It was Lauro's report to Centre County DA Ray Gricar that led to the case against Jerry Sandusky being closed in 1998.

Dr Chambers was contacted by the mother of Victim 6, an 11 year old boy who 'worked out' with Jerry Sandusky in the PSU football facilities and was then "bear-hugged" or bare-hugged in the showers. Vic 6's mother wanted to know if she was "overreacting" in wanting to contact police and state child abuse experts about what she feared could be some kind of sexual abuse.
Chronology of  Events & Reports from Det Schreffler, Dr. Chambers, & Freeh
MAY 3, 1998
May 3, 1998 1)Vic6's mother attends a banquet after Sandusky comes to their home and picks up 6 to go with him to workout. 2) 6 returns home and mentions wet hair and a shower. 3) After speaking with her son that night the mother becomes alarmed and calls Dr. Chambers early the following morning
MAY 4 1998
May 4, 1998 1) Early morning phone call from 6's mother to Dr. Chambers 2) 3pm Dr Chambers meets with 6 and determines after consulting with colleagues:
My consultants agree that the incidents meet all of our definitions based on experience and education, of a likely pedophile’s pattern of building trust and gradual introduction of physical touching, within the context of a loving special relationship. 
Dr Chambers full report is sent to Det Schreffler on May 7, 1998 with the following cover letter
Dr. Chambers report clearly labels Jerry Sandusky as a potential pedophile and his behavior as fitting "all definitions based on experience and education of a pedophile's patternDr Chambers gets a release from 6's mother and calls the PA Child Abuse Hotline that goes to DPW.
At 11am 6's mother called Det Schreffler and reported the incident of JS in the shower with her son in some detail -prior to her meeting with Dr. Chambers at 3pm police report pages 2 & 3 
AT 12:55 Det Schreffler spoke with John Miller, case worker for Centre County Child and Youth Services (CYS) and Schreffler gave Miller a verbal report of his phone interview with 6's mother. They agreed to meet at 6pm. - See police report page 4 
At 4pm Schreffler conferred with Centre County Deputy DA Karen Arnold who would handle the case for the prosecutors office. police report page 5
At 8pm and again at 9:30pm John Miller of CYS interviewed 6 and his mother at their home and taped those interviews. police report pages 6 and 7
But the Freeh Report p 43 says at 8pm on May 4 Schreffler & Miller were interviewing 6's friend BK who never became part of the charges because he was in the military overseas.

MAY 5, 1998
At 1:55 Schreffler gets a call from Jerry Lauro of PS Dept of Public Welfare (DPW) indicating he had been assigned to investigate from a referral by CYS's John Miller. Lauro and Schreffle agreed to meet on May 7in the AM to interview Sandusky. police report page 8 NOTE: This CYS referral is in dispute because Dr. Chambers called the PA Child Abuse Hotline upon a signed release by 6's mother and the Child Abuse Hotline goes to the DPW *below image from Dr. Chambers Report to Det Schreffler.
If you suspect a child is being abused, abandoned or neglected, contact the agency listed below, call your local child protective services agency, or call 9-1-1. Here is a link to the Pennsylvania state agency for children services and the telephone number to report child abuse and neglect in Pa: Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Toll-Free: (800) 932-0313
Schultz's notes from a late night phone call from Harmon the PSU police chief. Freeh Report exhibit Exhibit 2H
·    Kid has been seeing psychologist
·    Probably emotional problems but articulate and believable
·    Mother to psychologist and said she would call child abuse hotline & will generate an incident number – with Department of Welfare
·    Other boy – interviewed last night

“ However, there were several conflicts of interest with CYS's involvement in the case” (e.g., CYS had various contracts with Second Mile - including placement of children in a Second Mile residential program?" the Second Mile's executive director had a contract with CYS to conduct children's evaluations?’ and the referral sheet from Chambers indicated the case might involve a foster child)."In light of these conflicts, the Department of Public Welfare (“DPW") took over the case from CYS on May 5. DPW officials in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania took the lead because of Sandusky's high profile and assigned it to caseworker Jerry Lauro.”
So Dr. Chambers called the Child Abuse Hotline and that is DPW
Schultz's notes from the Harmon call say DPW was contacted
But Freeh says Lauro's there on a referral from John Miller at CYS because of "conflicts of interest" involving some referral sheet indicating a "foster child". Victim 6 was not a foster child and Dr. Chambers was contacted by his mother. 
So which one is it? 
1) We see no "referral sheet from Dr. Chambers referencing a foster child" in the Freeh exhibits that is the reason Freeh gives for replacing CYS with DPW
2) Who authorized this "DPW taking over the case from CYS"? 
3) The Chambers report was attached to Det. Schreffler's police report on May 8th and 
4) Dr. Chambers contacted DPW via the hotline. - according to Harmon in Schultz' notes. 

MAY 6, 1998
6's mother retrieves Sandusky messages and the caller ID leads to two other calls on May 3rd
MAY 7, 1998 
At 9;10am Det Schreffler and investigator Wayne Weaver go to 6's home to gather the answering machine messages from Sandusky and have them transcribed.
At 11am Weaver and Schreffler meet with Lauro and Lauro receives the tape recording and phone call transcripts, states he has received the complete file from John Miller at CYS and provides the child abuse guidelines to Weaver and Schreffler
At 11:15 They go to 6's house so Lauro can interview 6's mother *the above on page 9 police report
According to Schreffler's notes, Lauro had received copies of the boy's recorded statement, yet Lauro advised the Special Investigative Counsel that he did not have full access to the facts of the case and was unaware of psychologist Chambers’ evaluation.Lauro said that if he "had seen Chambers report, I would not have stopped the investigation"
And Freeh's investigators believe this? Let's look at the evidence provided so far.
1) Dr Chamber's made her report to the PA Hotline that goes to DPW
2) Dr. Chambers report is attached to the police report by Schreffler
3) Schreffler, DA Arnold, Miller and CYS, Harmon & even Schultz know of the report
4) Lauro interviews the mother & we are to believe they didn't talk about her son & Dr. Chambers? The one reason 6's mom made the report? Are you kidding me? 
5) If he had seen Dr. Chamber's report he would not have stopped the investigation?   
What investigation Mr. Lauro? How can you call yourself an investigator and not know about the key event *Dr. Chambers evaluation - that caused 6's mother to make her report and Dr. Chambers to call your DPW hotline, AND revealed the second child Brandon or BK? 
  • Lauro's claim that he did not know about Dr Chambers evaluation is beyond belief. 
  • Lauro is responding to Dr. Chambers hot line call. 
  • Lauro is filled in by Miller of CYS who knows of the Chambers evaluation. 
  • Lauro speaks at length with Schreffler and Weaver who know of the report. 
  • Lauro interview 6's mother who's entire support for reporting the incident is based on Dr. Chambers evaluation telling her she is not overreacting. 
  • And Dr. Chamber's report is attached to Det Schreffler's report.
What is going on here Jerry Lauro? How can you make this claim with a straight face?  What kind of child abuse investigator would miss such an integral piece of the investigation known to everyone except you? Either you are obscuring the truth or you are one of the worst investigators in history.  To be continued 
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  1. Keep digging people, the truth will come out.

  2. If you want to know why, as you say, Jerry Lauro might obscure the truth, you have to know which of the persons involved was close to the Lauro family. Jerry's uncle, Lindy, was the legendary coach at New Castle High. Mark Latsko, former New Castle and Penn State player told the New Castle News this of the relationship between Jerry's Uncle Lindy and Joe Paterno :

    "Latsko witnessed the closeness of Paterno and Lauro on many occasions. He and Clark were plucked by Paterno from Lauro’s 1975 WPIAL championship team, where both were standout linemen.

    “Joe used to laugh that every time he came to New Castle, he felt like he was going to the zoo — they’d take him to the Eagles, the Elks and the Polish Falcons.

    “He and Lindy became so close. Joe spoke at our WPIAL championship banquet in 1975. JOE AND LINDY WOULD STAY AT EACH OTHER'S HOUSES — Joe always said that when Lindy slept at his house, he’d keep all his kids up with his snoring.”

    If you think that Lindy's nephew Jerry obscured the truth, it's pretty obvious who at Penn State may have "gotten to him".

    1. Paterno told JS in Jan of 1998 that he would not be the next HC at PSU. JS was offered a joby as Assistant DA by Curley but turned it down. Joe told JS he could continue to coach as an assistant for as long as Joe was HC.
      But JS began a 4/6 month negotiation of a retirement plan that ran through the entire May 4 thru June 1 investigation. Other than the 2 emails from Curley to Schultz that mention "coach" - that could obviously be about JS plans (retirement or coach) there is NO EVIDENCE that Joe knew anything about the 1998 investigation. So any conspiracy claiming that Joe would pressure Lauro's friends or relatives is very far-fetched IMO. Joe would not likely know that Lauro was even involved.

      NO the person who set up that switch from CYS to DPW had to be someone connected to the child protection agencies - *Raykovitz or someone with influence in State Government. Joe could not have arranged any switch.
      JS was already on his way out as a PSU coach - the retirement package was on the table. It wouldn't have caused any particular damage to PSU for Jerry to be out. But it would have severely damaged The Second Mile.

    2. Jerry Lauro is the man who, as you point out, essentially ended the investigation. HIS motives, which you yourself obviously suspect, are of immense importance. Why are you so quick to dismiss clear evidence of a connection between Lauro and Paterno? Don't you at least want to pursue the connection or do you just ignore evidence that tends to implicate Joe Paterno?

      You say that Raykovitz may have caused the transfer from CYS to DPW. Raykovitz got both his M.S. and PhD from Penn State. So you have someone with a Penn State connection, Raykovitz, transferring the investigation to someone with a Paterno connection, Lauro, who kills the whole damn thing. If this doesn't make this a Penn State affair, what does?

      Connect the dots.

    3. There was no transfer of the 1998 investigation by Raykovitz or anyone else.

      Lauro is the DPW officer called to respond to the child abuse hotline call by Chambers. This is a simple as you calling your cable TV company to complain and getting a service number assigned. Someone has to follow up, fix the problem, and close the loop. I did this with IG complaints for a number of years.

      Lauro came in and pushed the local CYS people to the side, because he was the state level investigator.

      Despite what Freeh said about Paterno, I suspect Paterno was never told about the 1998 investigation and that the e-mail Freeh used is fraudulent. I'll post about this later.

    4. If Freeh, et al, had evidence that Paterno influenced Lauro's handling of the 1998 investigation, they would have made that the headline of the scandal.

      Instead, Freeh, et al, are dismissing/glossing over DPWs screwed up investigation.

      Freeh is protecting DPW. He got paid $6.5M to lay this on Penn State.

      He's not going to get away with it.

    5. I do connect the Dots. DR Raykovitz and his wife were paid $233,000 a year or over 2.5 million dollars from 1998 thru 2011. Had JS been charged or even labeled a potential pedophile in 1998 it would have destroyed TSM.
      If that happened it would have been minor blip for Paterno and PSU.
      Where Dr. Raykovitz went to school doesn't change that.
      So I ask you again: Why would Joe or his friend put Jerry Lauro at risk by asking him to blow the investigation?
      Why would Lauro do that for Joe or his uncle?

      I don't yet understand the real reason but it seems to me to be tied up with people with power at the state level - Fisher, board members of TSM, Gricar who evidently had no affection for PSU football, Corbett who was a Gricar advisor or someone afraid that their reputation would be damaged or a source of income shut down. Joe didn't need TSM for anything and if JS was exposed it wouldn't have been that damaging for Joe or PSU in 1998 any more that the Syracuse situation. IMO

  3. The Lauros...The Paternos...What are the chances that with two such close families, Joe DIDN'T reach out to Jerry? Of course, Jerry may not have allowed Joe to influence him. We just know.

  4. I'm sorry. We just DON'T know.

  5. Of course, the whole Lauro-Paterno connection accusation assumes that Jerry didn't do an honest investigation of the matter. I have no reason to believe that he didn't do so.

    1. Then you failed to read and understand the post to which this thread is attached.

  6. If you don't think that Jerry is lying about his ignorance of the Chambers evaluation, why raise the Lauro-Paterno connection at all? Jerry's connection to Joe is only important to those of us who don't believe Jerry and want to know why he is lying.

    1. So many people knew about Chambers report - not named Joe Paterno. Miller at CYS, the PSU and State College police, DA Arnold - and the mother of 6 along with Chambers and her colleagues.
      Seasock was a CYS evaluator who also worked doing foster family evaluations for TSM.
      This is far more likely to lead to TSM - the most interested party because of the damage it would cause - and the people who benefited from TSM (the board, CYS, the evaluators who were paid for their work, Raykovitz, Bob Poole and the Governor who was on the board and received big $$$ from TSM over the years.
      Joe saw TSM as a pain in the ass - a distraction - and it did nothing to benefit him.

  7. This can't be the first time that someone pointed out the connection between Jerry Lauro and Joe Paterno. Was it mentioned in the Freeh Report? If Jerry Lauro wasn't independent of Penn State, then the entire investigation was a Penn State affair.

    1. It's pretty difficult to imagine anyone in Central PA that doesn't have some connection to PSU. Having an uncle who is friends with Paterno is a connection - but one that would cause a Child Abuse investigator to blow his job and allow kids to be abused even if Joe would ask his friend to tell his nephew to blow the investigation?
      Why would Joe do that? By his own admission he and JS were not 'friends' and Joe was dissatisfied with JS spending so much time with TSM and not enough time coaching or recruiting. So why would Joe go out of his was to hurt kids in order to save a guy who was on his way out after Joe read him the riot act before the investigation even started on May 4?

    2. YOU are the one who accuses Lauro of lying about his ignorance of the Chambers evaluation. You obviously believe that he DID read the Chambers evaluation and intentionally ignored it. Wouldn't doing so have risked "blowing his job"? So clearly, he was willing to risk his job. If he did so at the behest of a powerful figure in PA, aren't you interested in any connection between Lauro and such a powerful figure, such as Corbett or Paterno?

      The bottom line is that if you knew that the CORBETT and Lauro families were frequent guests in each others' homes, you'd be all over it. You'd be shooting off rockets. Because the relationship implicates Joe Paterno, you don't want to follow it up.

    3. That is a statement that has no basis in fact. Here on this site we take the available evidence in the legal documents, the reports on the record and the quotes in articles and testimony and go from there. Our articles rely on this hard evidence to reach our conclusions.

      We don't know Corbett's role other than his actual statements and the way he slow rolled the investigation. I have no idea who his friends are or what his influence may have been with DPW in 1998. Mike Fisher was the AG at that time.

      So no we do not promote things that way other than to pose questions. Just as I have posed the question to you
      Why would Joe or Lauro's uncle have done this?
      Which you have so far ignored

    4. And I'm curious - You say I don't want to "follow it up"

      That's odd. We are looking as hard as we know how to discover why Lauro blew the 1998 investigation. You seem to be the one who knows something about this Lindy - the uncle. Why don't you ask him if Joe leaned on him to get his nephew to end the 98 investigation? We don't know the guy or how to contact him.

      Get me his phone number and your name and I will be happy to call and ask him if your suspicion that he leaned on his nephew to end 1998 is valid.
      The following up is being done right here right now as we discuss it. I've stated my reaction to the situation. I don't see how it would help Joe or why he would do that.
      You haven't proposed any reason why he would do it.

    5. The kind of stuff we can do is read the reports and combine the information as I have done in this post to point out the flaws and discrepancies.
      If you will give us a link to the article you referenced then we will look at it to see how it fits but we deal in the evidence we have access to and try to figure out what it means in the context of everything else.

    6. "Remembering Paterno : Local players reflect on life, death of their coach", New Castle News, January 26, 2012

    7. Read it - thanks - lots of folks with a high regard for Joe.

  8. Dear anonymous -
    what kind of hold could Joe Paterno have over the nephew of a friend of his that is so strong, it would cause him to not properly investigate a pedophile? the sort of investigation that was his job? Not sure what kind of hold anybody could have over somebody to do that, unless it came from above him in the department / government, what have you.
    Or, what if he's telling the truth? what if, for some reason, the files that should have been attached, weren't? Who could have pulled them? not Joe... but somebody could have. Maybe there's a link but it doesn't have to do with Jerry Lauro covering up?

  9. This information about the Lauros and the Paternos is too important to be left to a bunch of amateur sleuths on this website. This needs to be investigated by professional journalists. The whole matter, including the Framing Joe Paterno spokesman's response, must be turned over to Sara Ganim at the Patriot-News. She'll find out if there's anything in it.

    1. Well aren't you helpful!!

      Good Grief - Is there something we are doing to stop Sara Ganim?
      Professional Journalists bought the Presentment Lie that Mike McQueary SAW a boy being subjected to anal intercourse and told Joe Paterno.
      Professional Journalists like Sally Jenkins called Joe a Liar because Freeh turned up two emails sent by Curley to Schultz that had the word "coach" in them.
      F&^K professional journalists everyone of the FAIR and BALANCED BUNCH. The professional journalists have failed miserably to question anything.

    2. Oh and by the way I write articles for pay for the trade periodicals in audio engineering and loudspeaker manufacture. So I guess I am a professional.

    3. Calm down. Do you really think that Ganim or her assistants haven't already Googled the Hell out of every name involved in this mess, including Jerry Lauro? That's what "professional" journalists do, particularly if they're desperate for something to keep a story on the front page every day. You can bet that she already saw the New Castle News story. If she hasn't seen it yet, she must be a rather lazy lady.

      Nobody is going to make any "blockbuster" discoveries on the Internet about the scandal. There are just too many eyes on it. Hell, Ann Rule is probably down at her local Staples right now buying extra tapes for her recorder.

    4. You have a lot more respect for the work habits of reporters than I do.

    5. Sara Ganim and other journalists have yet to piece together some very important information contained in the grand jury presentment (that AG Kelly is trying to conceal from the public).

      Sara Ganim and other journalists did not make the connection -- as we did -- to B.K. in the grand jury presentment and "Brenden" in the Freeh Report.

      They are missing very obvious things for one of the reasons you pointed out, laziness. They are missing a lot of other things because they have bought into the narrative of a PSU cover-up.

    6. Nobody is going to make any "blockbuster" discoveries on the internet about the scandal.

      LOL - more incredibly helpful stuff from "anonymous".
      Where do these people come from and why do they waste their time telling us what we can't do?

      Maybe I'm nuts but I can't imagine going on someone's website to lecture them about their efforts. It's sort of an assholish thing to do.

      I guess this anonymous thinks we will just quit Ray. After all if Anonymous knows we won't get anywhere and should let Sara do it we should listen.

    7. A lot of people think the factFreeh fiction was a blockbuster. But the only people ripping that piece of fiction to shreds are us and a couple of other 'bloggers'. Of course we didn't get 6.6 million or a Gov, BOT and NCAA to trumpet our efforts as the final word.
      But even Freeh's own investigators are speaking up about how dumb the NCAA and BOT were for using the fiction as reason to penalize current players and recruits and the new coach for their fiction about the sins of the predecessor.

      As long as the STUPID buy the fiction of the powerful it makes sense to us to show how effed up it is. WE will let anonymous go with Sara and the pros who bought this line of crap.

  10. I don't know the exact site but I understand that the fact that Lindy Lauro is Jerry Lauro's uncle appears on some Penn State football message board. It's hardly a secret, but it's still
    VERY interesting. Frankly, I can't understand why the press hasn't made a meal out of it.

  11. Excellent, excellent !

    Keep digging ..... we are with you.

    1. I'm confused. You say to keep digging, but the Lauro-Paterno connection is damning, if anything, for Joe. Just who exactly are you "with"?

  12. I don't think we've heard the end of this.

  13. Jerry Lauro was a pallbearer at Lindy Lauro's funeral last January.

    1. The pallbearer connection. That really seals it I guess.

      Jerry killed his uncle because he made him take a dive in the 1998 investigation. So Lindy and Joe died and left him to face the music alone? Is that your story now?

  14. Barry left out a few IMPORTANT facts about Lauro's investigation:

    1. Lauro did not personally interview either of the children who Sandusky showered with. He read the transcribed taped interviews from each child.

    2. On page 49 of the Freeh Report, UP Police Chief Tom Harmon raised concern to Gary Schultz that DPW had a conflict of interest with Second Mile.

    3. On May 13th, without interviewing either child, DPW (Lauro) sent an e-mail to Harmon stating they wanted to resolve the matter quickly.

    4. According to the records, Lauro did NOTHING from May 13th until June 1st, when he finally got around to interviewing Sandusky.

    This scandal is rooted in the PA government covering up for Lauro's investigation in 1998. Did Lauro make the Sandusky problem go away due to DPW's financial ties to Second Mile? Or was Lauro an incompetent investigator?

  15. Did Sassano admit that DPW has records of the 2002[2001] incident?
    See testimony on p 170-171 in the perjury hearing transcript.

    1. What I see is Sassano only asked DPW about any report in 2002 because the prosecution mistakenly thought until early summer this year that the 2001 incident was in 2002

    2. "Q Did you ask him whether, besides records, he had any personal knowledge of a report in 2002 or about 2002? A Yes. I believe we also subpoenaed records from DPW reference to the 2002 matter AND THEY HAVE THEM"
      I added the caps. Does this testimony indicate that they subpoenaed records from DPW on the 2002 or about 2002 matter, and indeed, the DPW has records of it?

  16. "I don't yet understand the real reason but it seems to me to be tied up with people with power at the state level - Corbett, Fisher, board members of TSM, Gricar who evidently had no affection for PSU football or someone afraid that their reputation would be damaged or a source of income shut down."

    Do you have any evidence whatsoever that Corbett, who was in private practice in 1998, even knew of Jerry Lauro's existence? Was Corbett a close friend of some relative of Jerry Lauro? Did Corbett and this relative visit fraternal organizations together? Did Corbett and this relative sleep over each other's house? THAT sort of evidence. Guesswork, suppositions, mindreading, "seems to me" are not evidence.

    It "seems" a terrible thing to do even to suggest the possibility of a man's cover-up of child abuse when you can't show any connection between such man and the investigator of the case.

    Instead of looking for reasons to ignore the shocking evidence of the Lauro-Paterno connection, why don't you do some digging and try to put Jerry Lauro and Joe Paterno in the same room? What are the chances that Lindy Lauro didn't introduce his nephew, Jerry, to his famous friend, Joe Paterno? Of course, he introduced them. Prove it and keep digging. That's what a professional like Sara Ganim would do.

    1. Corbett was the Attorney General who knew of victim one 3 years prior to Kelly bringing the case.

    2. WTF is "shocking" about Joe Paterno knowing a HS football coach? You've got to be kidding

    3. Corbett in the meantime is in house counsel for Waste Management - notorious for being MOB controlled. Following his 1995 thru 1997 stint as Attorney General on appointment from Gov. Ridge - Mike Fisher took the office
      Both Fisher and Corbett were appointed to Federal Offices by Bush. Gricar was also an elected Republican. These people shared power - real political power. Joe was a very old football coach who's power derived from his longevity in that position and he was alread 10 years past the age of normal retirement in a game where youth is an asset.

      Saying Joe would sit back and let a kid be harmed at that age is bizarre. And trying to make a normal friendship between a University coach who depended on strong relationships with HS coaches to recruit into some bizarre conspiracy to keep a pedophile in place by using that very normal relationship is pretty silly. These people were all about helping young men succeed in life and Joe did that religiously. He's not some win at all costs scumbag like Lame Kiffin or Pete Carroll.

  17. Joe Paterno and Lindy Lauro didn't just "know" each other. They socialized together. THEY SLEPT AT EACH OTHER'S HOME. It is not hard to believe that Lindy introduced Jerry Lauro to his famous friend, Joe. It's SHOCKING because it CONFIRMS that the families of two of the major charactors in this drama, Jerry Lauro and Joe Paterno, were on such intimate terms that it creates the strong possibility that Jerry Lauro and Joe Paterno knew each other.

    I ask you again : WHAT WOULD YOUR RESPONSE BE IF THE CORBETTS AND THE LAUROS WERE ON SUCH INTIMATE TERMS? You and your colleagues would be bouncing off the walls with excitement. Just because you can't find any evidence of a Corbett-Lauro connection doesn't give you leave to ignore the Paterno-Lauro connection, that is, unless it is your intention not to pursue evidence that tends to incriminate Joe Paterno. If that's the case, then how can anybody place any trust in any of the "evidence" you put forth?

    1. The Corbett-Lauro connection is obvious and they need not be intimate or even friends.

      Tom Corbett is the governor. His state agency blew a 1998 invesitigation of Sandusky that let Sandusky roam for 14 years.

      Look at the evidence.

      The incident that started the investigation in 2008 occurred at CMHS. No other victims found at CMHS.

      Sandusky was interacting with 100s of kids from 1999 to the present. And the state couldn't find a single victim other in that group from other than in 2008? Seriously?

      What happened? Did Sandusky find a cure for pedophilia from 2001 to 2008?

      Give me a break.

    2. Since ANONYMOUS could be anybody - and I've been over this now three or four times with Anonymous it is beginning to fit the definition of insanity. You keep repeating the same old sh*t.

      Show me some evidence that Joe's obvious friendship with a football coach meant that coach or Joe would somehow influence a nephew to fail to protect abused children - since that was his job. I read you the 1st two or three times and answered. Why do you keep repeating the same questions/statements expecting a different answer?

      You obviously won't trust any evidence that fails to fit your "Joe is to blame" narrative. I have no ties to PSU and no love for Joe Paterno and I cannot see how being close friends with a football coach who happens to have a nephew at DPW is proof of anything. Come up with something different or be ignored

    3. I have several nephews and I wouldn't fail to protect children for any of them. I'm surprised you seem to think anyone would. Joe had no reason to protect Jerry Sandusky over a child. He didn't even like the guy much and he had already told him he would never by head coach and likely wouldn't be the DC IF he decided to stay on.
      What Freeh fails to acknowledge here is this Exhibit 3D
      Joe Paterno's notes of meeting with Tim and Jerry in early 1998 In the factFreeh report.

      "We know this isn’t easy for you and it isn’t easy for us or Penn State. Part of the reason it isn’t easy is because I allowed and at times tried to help you with your developing the 2’" Mile. If there were no 2"" Mile then I believe you belief (sp?) that you probably could be the next Penn State FB Coach. But you wanted the best of two worlds and I probably should have sat down with you 6 or 7 years ago and said "look Jerry if you want to be the Head Coach at Penn State, give up your association with the 2"‘ Mile and concentrate on nothing but your family and Penn State. Don’t worry about the 2"" Mile – you don’t have the luxury of doing both. One will always demand a decision of preference. You are too deeply involved in both." Jan 1998

    4. Or exhibit 3B concerning Jerry's options
      At 08:51 PM 2/9/98 -0500, Joe and Jerry have agreed that he can continue in the coaching capacity for the next year..Jerry will have 30 years in the system next year, which will give him some options after next season. Joe tells me he made it clear to Jerry he will not be the next head ooach. Joe did indicate that he still plans to make a change on the defensive side of the ball. Tlm Curley

      Get it? Joe was getting rid of Sandusky way before the 1998 investigation.

    5. Jerry Lauro worked for the government in 1998. Tom Corbett did NOT work for the government in 1998 but did so at some other time. That's your connection? That's pathetic.

      Do you even understand what a connection is? An absence of victims in other years is NOT a connection between Corbett and Jerry Lauro in 1998. A connection is a mutual friend or associate OR FAMILY MEMBER in 1998. You keep going on about Corbett's shortcomings at other times when he WAS in office but you don't have a single concrete example of a connection between the two men in 1998, a time in which Corbett was NOT in office. You "mused" about the possibility of Corbett and other important persons shutting down the 1998 investigation by "getting" to Jerry Lauro. Well, show a connection (a connection, not a general suspicion of some unsubstantiated malfeasance in some other years) between Jerry Lauro and those persons. A strong connection (families) between Jerry Lauro and Joe Paterno exists. Where is Corbett's?

    6. Where is there any mention of Corbett in this article?
      Geeze are you dense on purpose?

    7. Dear Anonymous,
      Corbett doesn't need a personal connection to Lauro to cover for his screw ups.

      Corbett has millions of dollars worth of incentives to do that -- it's called the legal liability the state of Pennsylvania would incur if it was determined Lauro and DPW are primarily responsible for letting Sandusky roam for 14 years.

      Now, tell me why Kelly's original grand jury presentment had 8 victims, and 7 of the 8 were circa 1998 with crimes occurring at PSU? Why doesn't she have any victims, other than V1 from recent years with crimes occurring elsewhere?

      This is not happenstance.

  18. On the supplemental report page dated 5-07-98, which begins "On May 7, 1998..." the following quote is found in the next to last paragraph on the page, "LAURO also gave Reporting Officer a written notification as per there (sic) regulations Titled Report of Suspected Abuse to Law Enforcement Official. Reporting Officer was given a copy of the Childline Report of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect." Does anyone know what these "written notifications" were? It sounds like Mr. Lauro, according to agency requirements, gave Officer Schreffler a copy of DPW's report of suspected abuse... in other words, what DPW knew of the case so far, and a copy of the Childline report. Based on that Childline report, shouldn't Mr. Lauro know of Dr. Chamber's involvement? She doesn't seem to have done this anonymously.

  19. Tom Corbett served his first term as AG from 1995 to 1997. He was appointed PA
    Attorney General following the resignation of AG Preate. In late 1996, AG Corbett
    learned of an ongoing sex ring in York, PA involving Republican State Senator Dan
    Delp and dozens of other VIPs. According to York city officials, “AG Corbett
    intentionally crippled or otherwise bungled that investigation,” as documented by

  20. The original posting is about Jerry Lauro and what he did or didn't do in 1998. At that time, Tom Corbett was general counsel for Waste Management, Inc. His duties as such, for some reason known only to the conspiracy buffs on this website, included supervision and control of ace DPW investigator, Jerry Lauro.

    Anybody see a problem with this?

    1. Anybody see anything in the post above these comments to even suggest that Corbett supervised or controlled Jerry Lauro? Please point out that conspiracy theory for us.

      The only conspiracy theory evident here is the JOE slept in a HS football coaches' house sot he made the HS coach supervise and control his nephew to keep from catching a pedophile who Joe was kicking to the curb.

  21. I agree that it's pointless. Let's leave it to the professional investigative reporters to whom the Paterno-Lauro connection has been referred. They'll make something of it or they won't.

    1. Yeah - those "professional investigative reporter" who are they again? They've done such a bang up job so far.